Employer Sponsored Memberships

Why direct primary care for businesses?

Employers purchase direct primary care memberships for their employees to enhance their healthcare benefits while controlling costs. This approach not only improves access to high-quality primary care but also reduces the burden of expensive insurance premiums, ultimately fostering a healthier, more satisfied, and more productive workforce.

A Solution that will Cut Costs and Optimize Your Team’s Health

Medical Cost Per Employee Per Month (PMPM): Slashed by over 50%!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can direct primary care save healthcare costs for my employees?

There are several ways Blue Spruce Health’s network of primary care clinics care can save healthcare costs. First, our doctors are trained to handle 90% of the health issues patients may have. Traditional family doctors in the insurance world handle far less. By handling more challenges, our providers reduce referrals to specialists and the need for expensive tests. Our providers are also available via virtual urgent care after hours and on weekends, potentially saving employees costly ER or urgent care visits. In addition, we offer next- or even same-day appointments to address immediate issues.​

How can direct primary care keep my employees healthier?

Because our primary care visits are 30-60 minutes. This allows time for doctors to ask more questions, and dive deeper into health issues. Our providers emphasize prevention and proactive management of health issues rather than just treating problems after they become chronic. This reduces complexity and expenses.

How can I offer this service to my employees?

Direct primary care can be offered to any employee at any time of the year. Whether you have three or thousands of employees, direct primary care works as a standalone plan, or can be integrated with a high-deductible plan, medical cost-sharing or self-funding plan.  There is no waiting period and benefits begin immediately. Employers can either have their employees pay the monthly fee or employers can pay a portion or all the monthly fee.​

What is direct primary care?

 With direct primary care, employers work directly with primary care providers, eliminating the intrusive and often costly influence of insurance companies.  The typical fee-for-service model of healthcare is replaced with an affordable monthly per-member payment. Thus, employees are much more likely to see a doctor regularly, which reduces costly hospitalizations.

Our primary care providers are trained to handle up to 90% of a typical patient’s healthcare needs, which reduces the need for referrals to specialists. When specialist care is needed, the primary care provider coordinates it with a larger healthcare team. Virtual care through telehealth services ensures greater access to providers. In addition, we have several contract arrangements that offer much lower prices on laboratory tests, imaging and medications.

Will employees benefit even if they don’t need frequent medical attention?

Yes. Blue Spruce Health is devoted to maintaining good employee health, happiness, productivity, and work-life satisfaction. Reducing the cost of primary care makes it much more likely that employees will see a doctor regularly, if not frequently. Over time, doctors will build a comprehensive picture of employee health to support their long-term wellbeing.

Do you accept health insurance?

No. Our direct primary care model is based on a direct, personal relationship between patients and providers. We believe insurers—with their often arbitrary decisions—should not influence the quality or the cost of healthcare.

What happens if employees need to go to the hospital or see a specialist?

When those services are warranted, we will track employees during their hospital stay and work closely with any specialist.

Can employees reach their doctor after-hours for urgent medical needs?

Yes. One of the benefits of Blue Spruce Health is easier access to healthcare. We offer virtual after-hours care from the providers you know.

Who pays for primary care visits every time employees go?

Blue Spruce Health does not involve paying fees (copays and coinsurance) for individual primary care visits. Instead, employers can either have their employees pay an affordable monthly fee covering all primary care visits; or employers can pay a portion or all the fee for them.

How will paying the full fee work?

Many employers choose to cover their employees’ fees. Why? Because by making healthcare even more affordable employers  can encourage their people to fully utilize their benefits and thereby stay heathier, happier and more productive. Investing in primary care helps people manage both acute and chronic conditions before they get worse.


Our practice welcomes all patients – no matter what kind of health plan you do or do not have. We like to say everything done within the walls of or by the practice is covered by the membership. If you need to go outside the office – like for labs, blood work, or specialists you can use your health plan like you normally would. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to obtain catastrophic care, we recommend you enroll in a healthshare. This new type of health plan is affordable, provides great service, and is actually useful to alleviate any emergency medical bills.

Medicare offers a low baseline of primary care services and typically makes it hard to gain personal access to a primary care physician. My practice is excellent for the Medicare patient who values having unlimited access to a primary care physician that knows them. My Medicare patients pay practice fees directly, but Medicare coverage remains in place for everything else: specialists, testing performed outside of our office, and hospitalizations. Your Medicare will also cover labs services I prescribe as these are performed by an independent lab affiliate. I can still refer, write prescriptions, and fully act as your primary care physician.

Some patients utilize their health savings (HSAs), flexible spending (FSAs) or health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) to pay our fees as “qualified medical expenses.” Legal experts have recommended these patients follow the best practice of paying annually or semi-annually. If requested, we can provide you with an invoice and/or submit a notice to your employer if any questions arise about our programs. Please note that we cannot provide tax or legal advice, and you should consult your own tax advisor for guidance.



My service contract is for one year. If you are unhappy with the services OR for any reason wish to cancel your contract, you may do so with a 30-day notice. Any services already performed (i.e. preventive exams) will be itemized for payment. Any refunds will be granted after the service items are paid. All contracts are automatically renewed unless a 30-day notice is received by us not to renew.


You may pay with cash, credit or check. For convenience, keep a credit card on file for incidentals and make it easier for you to make monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual payments.


The only change is that I’ve partnered with resources that may save you additional money if you would like to pay cash rather than submit to insurance. For example, I’ve partnered with labs, imaging centers, and a prescription wholesaler for dramatically lower cash-based pricing. However, if you still would like to submit to your insurance you are welcome to do so. I can provide you with those options that allow you to make the right decision based on your situation.


I accept patients as members no matter what insurance they have or do not have. I do not bill insurance. Because of this, to your insurance, this practice will be considered “out of network”.

If you desire, I will work with you to submit claims on your own and help you get reimbursed by your insurance company. How much you are reimbursed is dependent on your specific insurance plan and carrier.


You may pay with cash, check or credit card. I request a credit card on file through our secure business vendor to enjoy a cash-free office environment. The membership is completely inclusive for in-office care including visits, and I can charge your credit card directly if you choose to do any lab work or imaging at cash prices (not through insurance).

If you are going to use your Health Savings Accounts—payment needs to be every 6 months or yearly.


In the traditional healthcare setting, most people are accustomed to paying the doctor through insurance on a visit to visit basis. The problem is – most primary care is patient-provider dialogue, and it’s hard for insurance companies to know how to reimburse a conversation. This forces doctors to have you come in the office and then charge you every time you want to speak with them or follow up. Recently, Doctors have needed to see upwards of 35+ patients a day just to keep their practices solvent.

In the DPC membership model, doctors are free to dialogue when, where, and how long the patient needs at no extra cost. This significantly increases the level of service and care a patient receives from their doctor. So much so, that in one study patients in a DPC membership model experienced:

  • 40% Less ER Visits
  • 54% reduction in ER costs
  • 24% Less Hospitalizations

*Society of Actuaries, 2020

I have chosen a membership model because it’s affordable to the patient and allows me to take care of my patients (whom I love!) in the best way I know how.


The only change is that I’ve partnered with resources that may save you additional money if you would like to pay cash rather than submit to insurance. However, if you still would like to submit to your insurance you are welcome to do so. I can provide you with those options that allow you to make the right decision based on your situation.


Employer Sponsored Direct Primary Care Memberships 


 Employers who support their employees with a Direct Primary Care Membership can see up to a 20% Reduction of Healthcare Spend for those who offer an employer funded health insurance plan.

 For those employers who do not offer health insurance a Direct Primary Care Membership is a great way to:

    • Retain current employees 
    • Attract new talent
    • Keep your workforce happy, healthy, and working!
    • Save money on traditional offers of care

    With a Blue Spruce Health Direct Primary Care membership, your employees enjoy:

    Comprehensive Primary Care: Access to personalized, high-quality primary care services that prioritize their health and well-being.

    Effortless Scheduling: The convenience of self-scheduling for same-day or next-day appointments, reducing wait times and ensuring prompt attention to their healthcare concerns.

    Direct Communication: The ability to call or text with providers for quick access and effective communication, enhancing their healthcare experience.

    Cost Savings: Lower healthcare costs for both employees and employers, with transparent and affordable membership fees.

    Health and Wellness Support: Holistic care that includes preventive services, wellness programs, and health education to help them live their best lives.

    Stronger Employee-Employer Relationship: Building a culture of care and support, improving employee retention and satisfaction.

    Reduced Absenteeism: Improved access to care and preventive measures that reduce sick days and enhance overall productivity.

    Customized Healthcare: Tailored treatment plans and the freedom to choose their healthcare provider for a more personal healthcare experience.

    Peace of Mind: Knowing they have a dedicated healthcare partner to address their medical needs and concerns.

    Improved Overall Well-Being: A comprehensive approach to healthcare that goes beyond just treating illness, focusing on enhancing their overall quality of life.



    Investing in a Blue Spruce Health direct primary care membership for your employees is an investment in their health and the success of your organization. 


      We’ve partnered with Zion and Planstin to provide employers with all-encompassing packages for their employees, delivering comprehensive coverage for hospital stays, surgeries, maternity care, ER visits, and catastrophic medical needs. This strategic collaboration ensures your workforce’s well-being across all healthcare aspects.

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